Corporate Design Strategy

Corporate Design Strategy

Branding and brand building

We accompany brands in the process of brainstorming, analysis and positioning in order to understand goals, challenges and budgets and to develop a road map for the route to success.

A comprehensive brand strategy serves not only as a guideline for the brand and future communication, but also as an objective measure for evaluating the work and helping in decision-making.

Examples of Brands we created

Naming, branding, visual identity and design work

The New Aero wheels for Tesla are developed by a small international team, including our good friend and photographer Uli Heckmann.


Cargo Bike

Branding and Product Design

Naming and branding for the Heavy Duty Cargo Bike -where we also got heavily involved in its product design.


Brose e-bike

Introducing a new e-bike motor

For the launch of Brose's new, high-performance e-bike motor, we developed a cross-media design concept for trade fair booth, Wordpress website and presentations.


nuton Bicycle Parts

Brand Creation and Development

Naming, branding (logo and corporate Design development) for bicycle parts manufacturer and distributor.


Circles & Sun

Brand Design

Naming and Brand Design for Circles & Sun, a travel accessory maker based in Berlin.



Skateboard Brand

With “Deckheads” we developed a new brand of skateboards with designs that can be remixed and customized online


Meyer, Miller, Smith.

Brand Creation

For digital design house Meyer, Miller, Smith who is hands on, hard at work building websites and applications, we’ve created an equally “hands on” brand identity, versatile and unique, but also modest and genuine.


Ballroom Interior Design

Interior Design

Welcome to our new sanctuary, the former ballroom of Berlin's Sophienkirche, which we transformed from an empty dance floor into a coworking heaven for creative souls and tech evangelists.


Corporate identity and logo design for mobility engineering company


Falling Walls Conference Identity

Annual science conference 2009-today

Brand- and event communication design for german science conference hosted in Berlin on the day the wall came.



Website and Visual Identity

Corporate identity for the German / Italian property investment firm Stofanel Investment AG.


Examples of re-designed Brands

Updates of existing brand design, identities and logos


Rebranding iGames company

Redesign of game development Brand GAMOMAT.


Pure Salmon

Brand / Design

Coming soon: Pure Salmon aims to revolutionise the seafood industry by setting new environmental, quality and health standards in salmon production worldwide – ensuring consumers everywhere can enjoy pure, sustainable, ocean-friendly fish.



Re-Branding NuVinci Cycling

NuVinci Cycling, a division of Fallbrook Technologies Inc., aims to move people better through its product portfolio of stepless, automatic and integrated shifting products for bicycles and eBikes.


Small refresh of the brand, away from a focus on single use cases such as “city” or “cargo”, towards a more general, all encompassing visual identity.


TTI gruppe Branding

Visual Identity

Logo development and subsequent re-branding of TTI Investment to TTI Group. Based on the existing logo, a faux 3-dimensional rendering of the letters TTI, we created a highly stylised, minimal logo with a rigorous grid system.


Redesign of Landmark logo in Hamburg




Within our 2 day budget we quickly focused on turning the already existing name "sun republic"  into the actual message, creating ,more powerful and emotional designs, calling out a republic.