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Logo Design And Visual Identity

Logo design and Logo redesign

The first impression counts. That is why it is important that all visual aspects of a brand leave a lasting impression. Together with our clients we formulate the visual identity, with logo design, typography, imagery and iconography.

Every development of a visual identity begins with the observation and analysis of the end consumer, the competition and the customer himself. From this we develop the abstract qualities of the brand – personality, story, and tonality – and translate these into concrete applications, starting with the logo.

BEAM Berlin Real Estate Branding

Branding / Design / Wordpress Website

Naming and branding of new property developments by Signa Real Estate and Pott Architects


TTI gruppe Branding

Visual Identity

Logo development and subsequent re-branding of TTI Investment to TTI Group. Based on the existing logo, a faux 3-dimensional rendering of the letters TTI, we created a highly stylised, minimal logo with a rigorous grid system.




Within our 2 day budget we quickly focused on turning the already existing name "sun republic"  into the actual message, creating ,more powerful and emotional designs, calling out a republic.


Circles & Sun

Brand Design

Naming and Brand Design for Circles & Sun, a travel accessory maker based in Berlin.


Meyer, Miller, Smith stationary and branding.


nuton Bicycle Parts

Brand Creation and Development

Naming, branding (logo and corporate Design development) for bicycle parts manufacturer and distributor.



Rebranding iGames company

Redesign of game development Brand GAMOMAT.



Website and Visual Identity

Corporate identity for the German / Italian property investment firm Stofanel Investment AG.