Cargo Bike Design A-NT:4

ant cargo bike design

A-NT 4 Heavy Duty Cargo Bike Design

The last word in last-mile deliveries

Designed by Less Rain, the A-NT 4 is a 4-wheeled heavy-duty cargo bike. Based on our work for the 3-wheeled version, the A-NT 3, this new, larger e-bike has been built around the dimensions of a standard europalette.

This makes it an ideal transport solution for the last mile of inner-city deliveries. For the A-NT 4, Less Rain created a modular concept with different types of storage solutions, from a simple flatbed to a small cargo container, as well as an optional weather protection for the driver.

From cosmetic items such as the rim design to structural parts such as the seat post, battery and motor compartment, we took every component through a series of design iterations, from pen-and-paper sketches to 3D modelling and printing, to building scale and 1:1 models and prototypes. Complementary to the design of the actual bike itself, Less Rain is also creating the visual identity of the A-NT cargo bike series, the website, trade fair stands, and collateral such as sales materials and stationary.

The A-NT 4 is, like it’s 3-wheeled partner, being built by b&p mobility and will be distributed by the ZEG. We worked with industrial designer Eric Grams on the finalisation of the design and the creation of production-ready 3D files.

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