Cargo Bike Design A-NT:4

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A-NT 4 Heavy Duty Cargo Bike Design

The last word in last-mile deliveries

The A-NT 3 is a heavy duty cargo bike with a unique steering system. Invented by a former Porsche engineer, it allows for unprecedented manoeuvrability and stability under high loads.

Based on a functional prototype of the bike, Less Rain altered the geometry of the frame to create a pleasing look and feel with matching angular shapes and lines, despite the robust nature of the vehicle.

A large front cover gives the A-NT a face, while simultaneously highlighting the insect-like segmentation the steering mechanism creates between the loading and the seating area.

The motor and chain cover, together with the colour concept of a dark lower and a brightly coloured upper part, highlights the stability and low centre of gravity.

Small details, like a conveniently located parking brake, a storage space for lunch and a drinks bottle as well as USB charging port for a mobile device, were also integrated by us into the final design.

The A-NT 3 is being built in Germany by b&p mobility, and sold by the ZEG. Together with industrial designer Eric Grams we created production-ready 3D files for all plastic components.A 4-wheeled A-NT is currently in development.

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