Craft beer label design

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Craft beer label design

Lars EberleMay 28, 2019

Alongside the launch of our online ski design tool, the Atomic Custom Studio, we held an “Open Hut” office party with a ski hut theme.

For the event we created three different types of craft beer, brewed in our kitchen. Of course we couldn’t stop there and went on to design labels, beer mugs and mats to complete the picture. The three flavours were based on the three fictional “founder figures” of our digital arm, Meyer, Miller, Smith.

crafted 1

From Japan with love: Meyer’s take on the Belgian witbier style. Shiso infused Wheat Ale with a lemony twist. (4.2%)

Pure Miller distilled into a powerful IPA. Dry-hopped bitterness hiding behind a sensual explosion of mango, peach and passionfruit. (7.5%)

Smith’s very own Imperial Stout boasts a lustrous aroma of spicy mocha and velvety dark chocolate. Please enjoy responsibly. (12.5%)

custom beer mugs 1

As usual we couldn´t be stopped after designing the beer labels and also designed our own custom beer mugs, coatster, barrels and vouchers

bier bons2
beer matte design
beer coaster design

Here are some design studies we did for Sebastian Sauer, one of the first craft beer brewers in germany. We where asked to pitch a design of a small series based on the 4 elements fire, water, earth, and air relating to the different brewing methods for his beers.

elements beer label
elements beer
elements beer laberls 3 1

Scroll further to see a selection of the finest craft beer labels worldwide.

For the launch of the A-N.T. heavy duty cargo bike, we’ve created two beer labels for “One Pilsner” and “Radler” – the popular German shandy which literally translated would mean “cyclist” in English.

Less Rain is recognised as a Top Beer Logo Design Company on DesignRush.

ant beer radler 1
ANT Flag Mockup 1

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