Accessory Design: Travel Spices

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Travel Spices

First product of a series of travel accessoies. Travel Spices are spice carriers for your own trips or the perfect gift for your traveling foodie friends. They come in 3 travel directions, each containing 9 different spice compositions for the area.

Travel directions are Southern Europe (Cordoba), Northern Europe (Kobenhavn) and Northeast Asia (Dejima)

The hand crafted water proof spice bag is made of waxed cotton fabric and together with the small aluminium cans very light and compact, easy to carry and accompany your travel.

The waxed fabric is made in the UK by a renowned wax fabric manufacturer. It has a slight sheen to it and a special antique effect finish, which gives it a rustic appearance once in use.

travel spices textiles
Spice labels for packaging

Spice labels for packaging

trave spices label
close up of spice label print

close up of spice label print

travel spice packaging design