Red Bull Branding

Red Bull Online Branding

Multiple online projects for Red Bull, starting with the 1st Flugtag Website in London, the 1st ever in 2002…

Over the past 20 years, less rain has been involved in more than 80 projects for Red Bull.

See a small selection on this website, the very early ones and the latest ones for Red Bull Music Academy linked at the end of this page.

Red concept, design and execution

Red Bulls 1st international Website and maintainance for 4 years

Red Bull “Call a website”

Entertaining FAQ section for where users could call the website with their telephone and talk to a virtual receptionist, asking 10 different questions. The joke was that users could hardly get through to the helpdesk assistant who would be able to answer their questions.

Red Bull Flugtag

Event in a box: Global event tool kit for local Flugtag events.
Incluing basic event information, Mops, Photo galleries, press kits
and an online game

Red Bull study online game

Test your reaction time in this online campus game

Red Bull Job-application Center

Online campaign for Red Bull Marketeer Recruitment

Red Bull Online Branding

Red Bull Tall Story Contest Adverts

Concept and illustration for Red Bull UK based copywiting contest

Red Bull Tall Story contest

Website concept and website design and  for story writing contest