GAMOMAT Games rebranding

welcome card design
Rebranding Gamomat

Gamomat is a leading independent iGaming developer. To strengthen their global expansion strategy, Less Rain has been asked to create a new corporate brand identity, complete with website and collateral. Based on the visual language of casino slot games we created a versatile grid system as the basis of the new identity.

The grid can be filled with colours, with icons or images. Even the new logo can be deconstructed into single geometrical shapes, and used inside the grid.This visual system encapsulates all the corporate values of Gamomat. While the grid symbolises stability, seriousness and mathematical exactness, the colours and imagery bring in lighthearted playfulness and humour.

GAMOMAT logo design final
gamomat brand design

Compare before & after rebranding

Alongside a brand book defining the new visual identity we developed a range of collaterals for Gamomat. The versatility of the new brand identity allows to create designs in different tonalities, with a bandwidth from orderly and serious to playful and fun.

Letterhead, business cards or presentation folders, all used for corporate communication, feature a strong and clean grid, with the deconstructed logo as the key visual.

GAMOMAT stationary design
gamomat coffee
signage design 01
GAMOMAT folder design
GAMOMAT shirt design

The new, WordPress-based website features the vibrant colour palette more prominently. Here, the grid is used as animated content containers floating across the screen, with animations quite similar to the display of a slot machine.

The website is of course fully responsive, with the underlying grid a natural fit for displaying content at different screen resolutions, allowing for graceful transitions between breakpoints.

GAMOMAT jobsportal design

For recruitment and social media sites we developed a range of headers and logos, each with different visuals and a different tonality.

GAMOMAT christmas design
Anfartsplan design

Printable PDF with office location map

gamomat corporate resentation

Axel Niemann, Managing Director of GAMOMAT Distribution GmbH on the launch of the new identity:  “At the start of the new decade we wanted a brand identity to express the current generation of games as well as the partnership agility of GAMOMAT. The redesign encapsulates GAMOMAT’s dedication to innovation, down-to-earth service, modernity and creativity. Our brand reflects our enthusiasm for quality slots.”

Sabine Müller, Chief Design Officer at Gamomat: “Less Rain is the best agency ever. They have been a reliable partner on our side, creating the foundations for a fantastic new brand design.”

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