Bernd Müller

Who We Are: Less Rain!
Bernd Müller
Creative direction text / film

The wild years as owner of a windsurfing and skateboard shop could not prevent a career in the wide world of advertising. As a copywriter, creative director and film director, Bernd won international awards for international clients in international advertising agencies before moving to London to co-found the film production company Wowhaus and later as:if Film Matters.

On this occasion he was also actively involved in the nightlife in Soho: The annals of the Soho Club Black’s show Bernd as a Founder Member. Now based in Berlin, Bernd writes and directs commercials, documentaries and experimental films, develops scripts and concepts and writes as a journalist about mobility and cuisine. Currently he is working on a book about his 33 years of travelling in a Caterham Super 7. Bernd is working withe less rain as a creative director / text since 2002.

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Bernd mueller superseven
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